Code of Conduct

We have defined the following statement as our code of conduct.

  • Interact with all stakeholders with honesty and fairness.
  • Keep company records correct, provide accurate information to all stakeholders.
  • Abide by all national and international laws, rules and regulations. Provide accurate, complete, clear and timely information to legislative authorities.
  • Keep all kinds of private information on employees, suppliers and customers as well as family members and subjects covered by contracts with third parties or any company information the disclosure of which may result in an unethical act or disadvantage in competition, strictly confidential.
  • Respect intellectual property, do not tolerate plagiarism in research or business.
  • Prohibit any kind of illegitimate and unethical employment including illegal immigrant and child labor.
  • Put occupational health and safety first over any kind of business-related concern.
  • Do not discriminate against any individual starting first and foremost with employees on the basis of religion, ethnicity, language, gender or political view. Strive to offer people equal opportunities.
  • Base decisions of recruitment, promotion and appointment on competence and merit.
  • Respect people, avoid any behavior that may lead to disrespect, abuse or hostility against people.
  • Do not spend company hours or resources for personal benefit, do not take any action that may lead to malpractice or unjust gain.
  • Do not accept expensive gifts or offers of high monetary value exceeding the limits of goodwill and common courtesy. Never engage in any act of bribery.
  • Do not engage in illegal or unethical acts of collection of information on competitors and avoid unfair competition.
  • Engage in activities to protect the environment and minimize the potentially harmful effects of company operations on the environment, aim for zero harm.
  • Act with social responsibility. Encourage and support all education and charity work upholding the ideals for protection of human rights and dignity, improving living standards and promoting being a good citizen.
  • Avoid taking unnecessary and unmanageable risks for shareholders and aim for sustainable profitability under the guidance of financial discipline, transparent management, and accountability.
  • Preserve the reputation of the family and the business under all circumstances.
  • We monitor all kinds of notifications from our internal and external stakeholders regarding possible violations of these rules through our board of directors via the address