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We prepare the rubber blend in accordance with our own lab-controlled formulae using internal batch mixers. Then we shape the dough into rubber sheets with cylinders, and cut the sheets to required dimensions using precision slicer to minimize waste. Punch presses cut and form steel sheets into metal rings after which they are chemically treated with cleansing and bonding agents. We purchase steel wires and process them at our coilers to obtain garter springs. For vulcanization we utilize vacuum compression presses. Molded products get cleaned of any flash or excess material before they proceed to assembly where they are fitted with springs or joined with other seal parts. Finished products then go to packing where they are packed according to their dimensions and demand of the respective sales channel. We carry out the required technical inspections under supervision of our well-trained lab staff.

Simplified representation of oil seal manufacturing process

We use nitrile rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane to manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Nitrile rubber is prepared in accordance with specific application requirements under lab supervision and the blend is sliced into exact mass and dimensions. We utilize injection molding machines to process polyurethane and plastics. Punch presses again cut and form steel sheets into metal rings that are used in pneumatic complete piston seals or metal covered wipers. They are chemically treated respectively. Finally seals get cleaned of any flash or excess material after which they are packaged properly, ready to be shipped.

All of the business processes are handled in accordance with our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, which is under regular monitoring by the auditor body. Working quality is assured through continuous measurement carried out at our chemistry lab and test center.

Simplified representation of hydraulic-pneumatic seal manufacturing process

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