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Since its first introduction to human use rubber has been subject to continuous improvement. In addition to advanced variations of natural rubber many synthetic types also became available for a diverse group of industries. Below you can find more information on a particular kind of rubber or you can take a look at the comparison graph.

Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)
Butadiene rubber (BR)
Butyl rubber (IIR)
Chlorobutyl rubber (CIIR)
Chloroprene rubber (CR)
Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber (CSM)
Epichlorohydrin copolymer rubber (ECO)
Ethylene propylene (diene) rubber (EPM/EPDM)
Fluorocarbon rubber (FKM)
Isoprene rubber (IR)
Natural rubber (NR)
Polyacrylate rubber (ACM)
Polysulfide rubber (TR)
Polyurethane rubber (AU/EU)
Silicone (methyl-vinyl) rubber (VMQ)
Silicone (florin-vinyl-methyl) rubber (FVMQ)
Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR)

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